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Mala Stanica

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Knowledge, innovation and experience in combining different cuisines and styles is our biggest advantage. The concept of menu is based on the mix of continental and Mediterranean cuisine.

H ere are a few facts about “Mala stanica”. In 1891 a small train station was built on the railway line Banja Luka-Dobrljin as a part of planned Ottoman railway which was supposed to connect western Europe with Turkey. Today this building is of architectural and historical significance on the list of national monuments. In order to preserve tradition with a spirit of days gone the name of the restaurant has been retained, and the connection to the past times has been saved by the replica of the authentic interior. Restaurant-bar “Mala stanica” is situated in the city area, at the site where the railway line intersected the main road, formerly called Emperor's, King's or Tito's road, and today it is Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića Street between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Government building of the Republic of Srpska. A specific interior decorated with over 200 photographs from the past of Banjaluka is suitable for different events, theme nights, business lunches or romantic dinners.

C oncept of the restaurant was envisioned by Vlada Simić, a famous Serbian chef who made his mark on famous Belgrade restaurants. The first and only reastaurant in Banjaluka whose concept is based on the global trend “slow food” or, metaphorically speaking, “slow food service”. It means that meals are served in several turns, so as to taste the variety of food with appropriate wines and in complete accordance to the guest taste and his current mood. The food is prepared with the ingredients of highest quality, knowledge and ability to combine various national cuisines. For the most part it is French cuisine, combined with Mediterranean and oriental cuisine, with certain modifications in order to comply with the mentality of the local people. The extensive wine list of “Mala stanica” includes over fifty finely selected wines from the highest quality small cellars and wine producers. Very frequent guests of “Mala stanica” are foreigners who are often eager to try the high quality local wines. And domestic guests can choose from wines made in Serbia, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Australia, France, Portugal, Chile, Argentina and Italy. Damir Arnautović, a recognisable face in the restaurant is there to help you in selecting and pairing of food and wine.


“A place for travellers who always come back …”

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